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React Native App Development

React Native is a compiler and development platform co-created by Facebook to smoothen out JavaScript projects. It makes the development to deployment process significantly faster and simpler.

App Infinix is a reliable and renowned React Native software development company. We provide the best apps at the most budget-friendly costs and allow both our clients and their audiences to have smooth app experiences.

  • Customizable App Development
  • Maintenance and Test Runs
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Server Side API’s
  • JQuery/NativeScript Support

Advantage of Reach Native App Development

We produce Multi-platform coded, compiled and developed on the React Native platform. In addition to being robust, highly functional and customizable, our apps have alluring UI/User Interfaces that attract the eye of all users.

Smooth and Strong

React Native uses hardware acceleration such as GPU to process runtime environments quicker.

Live Reload

React Native brings with itself the Live Reload feature, allowing you to have a test view at your project.

Reusable Code

The structure, components, and standards of coding React Native puts up with allow you to reuse and redeploy codes with great ease.

Modular and Intuitive

React Native apps come packed with Modular and Intuitive Architecture, this means the apps designed on this platform.

Reusable Code

One of the best features of React Native app development is the capability to reuse and reiterate any part of code that you would like from one App.

Top Features

React Native apps are feature-packed, leaving no room for innovational gaps and technology setbacks.

Features of React Native App Development

Our process of delivering the best mobile applications includes a standard procedure of creating a fundamental UI design and pair it with functionality and efficiency using React Native and Javascript.

Online Payment



Video & Audio Messages

In-app Messaging

SMS Alert System

Happy Kennels

Happy Kennels is an animal instructional app designed by App Infinix and loved by both pet owners and their beloved pets.

Sports Hub

The app Sports Hub is basically designed for booking venues for a sports event, or finding a coach and for carrying out other sports activities.

Why Choose App Infinix for Your Next React Native Mobile Application?

The team at App Infinix is constantly focused on developing apps that don’t fall shy to being wonders. Collaborative and collective teamwork is our policy to yield the best results..

Collaborative Work

Unless necessary, nobody works alone at Mr Web. Working in unison brings a fun environment for the workers to discuss every idea and design amazing mobile apps.

Marketing Needs

We do not only fulfill your app development needs but also help your dream apps fair better amongst the app market by endorsing and promoting your apps.

React Native Expertise

Using the powerful React Native library, Mr Web provides innovative Android and iOS apps with built-in performance, user-friendliness and bug-free functionality.

Quality Standards

We surpass several Quality Assurance standards to make sure we never miss out on any are of our projects that need to be reassessed and debugged.

Our Approach

We surpass several Quality Assurance standards to make sure we never miss out on any are of our projects that need to be reassessed and debugged. The final product is tried and tested thoroughly before deployment.

Strategy and

We incorporate proven strategies intended to stand out and take over. Our designers are experts at their craft of user-friendly and feature-rich mobile applications.

and QA

Our developers do not just develop attractive and easy-to-use mobile applications, but they also run them through a series of thorough tests and Quality Assurance checks to deliver seamless mobile applications.

Marketing and

Our services are never limited to design, development, and deployment. We also take on the responsibility to promote and market your mobile applications to ensure their success in the app markets.

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What our customers are saying about us

What our customers are saying about us

Brilliant and Cost-Effective


Among many options, App Infinix is the only one that developed, tested, deployed, and marketed my mobile application in the best time possible. They will never leave you an unhappy customer.

Thanks Highly skilled!

Overall Rating From 57 Users


App Infinix and their team do not just create highly functional and aesthetic mobile apps, they give justice to their craft by incorporating the best modern technology and compatibility standards as well.

Strongly recommended to others!

Overall Rating From 54 Users


I always wanted a platform to spread my love of botany, and I am happy to say Mr Web designed the best botany and plantation information app for me, the team made my dream come to life.

Some industries we have worked with

  • Game Apps
    • Action Games
    • Strategy Games
    • Location-Based Games
  • Social Media
    • Messenger
    • Emoji
    • Calling Apps
  • Music
    • Music Player Apps
    • Music Streaming Apps
    • Podcast Apps
  • Sports
    • Live Score Apps
    • Live Streaming Apps
    • Sport News Apps
  • Education
    • Kids Apps
    • Math Apps
    • University Apps
  • Music
    • Music Player Apps
    • Music Streaming Apps
    • Podcast Apps


Our teams design robust and scalable solutions by choosing the right technology stack to build your app.

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