IoT Apps make the items in your environment smarter.

By making everyday tasks easier, our IoT applications improve the way you do things.

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Types of IOT apps we


Our IoT solutions can optimize your daily duties in either your home or workspace.


With our superior IoT services and technology, we can provide meaningful optimization that makes a difference.


App Infinix creates one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge wearable applications that will leave you impressed.

Apps for social networking

Our IoT management tool aids in the implementation of plans requiring device connectivity.


IoT app development is one
of our specialties

We offer a diverse choice of IoT applications that are high-quality and innovative.


App Infinix provides the best customer experience for IoT applications, making your clients addicted to them.


We ensure that your software is flexible and adaptable to your changing demands.

Smooth movements

Interactions that are smooth and seamless, with motions that are personalized to your app's needs.

App evaluation

Apps created for different platforms are subjected to numerous tests to guarantee that the finalized product is free of any functional or design flaws.


Our team of professionals can deliver your applications with unique and advanced features.


We offer a wide range of services, from rigging to animation, to make your apps more appealing.

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Cavalli Club

Cavalli Club a well-known name in the field of night clubs and fine dining approached us for the development of their information app.


The globally renowned company Citizen watch wanted a showcase app for their online product display. The showcase app is a comprehensive e-store which offers the largest online display of citizen watches.


The prestigious client Porsche wanted a quiz app to reach to its clients with enhanced connectivity and our specialized team assisted them to reach the target.

Our Approach

Our team of experienced and professional developers design smooth and seamless mobile applications according to your requirements, which provide you a competitive edge.

Strategy and

We ensure maximum number of downloads and revenue generation with a ROI based strategy. Our designers and developers create easy-to-use and feature-rich app prototype.

and QA

Our team of developers provide outstanding services to develop an eye-catching & user-friendly interface for your app which is closely tested by QA team to make it completely bug free.

Marketing and

We send your app in the market with a BANG! We promote your application on all the platforms, may it be, App Store, Google Play or App Center

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App Infinix is amazing. I really liked their service. They helped me in every step to achieve what I wanted! Thank you for EVERYTHING you have helped me with. Amazing company and amazing team to work with. I wish you all the best.

Thanks Highly skilled!

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Had an excellent experience with your company. The people at App Infinix are quick, professional and proactive. I have the most positive things to say about them. I will recommend App Infinix to my friends, and I will definitely go back to them for future projects.

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I really liked you're Service, it's amazing. You helped me with every step to achieve what I want and I really want to thank you team App Infinix for EVERY THING that you helped me with. I couldn't done anything without you! It's really Amazing Company and Amazing team. I wish you all the best!

Some industries we have worked with

  • Home Automation
    • Appliance Automation
    • Light Control
    • Security Apps
  • Wearables
    • Smart Glasses
    • Smart Watches
    • Goggles
  • Industrial work
    • Smart Manufacturing
    • Operational Work
    • Worker Safetty
  • Healthcare
    • Clinical Wearables
    • Suite Equipment
    • First-responder tablets
  • Retail
    • Supply-chain Automation
    • CRM Automation
    • Smart Store
  • Industrial work
    • Smart Manufacturing
    • Operational Work
    • Worker Safetty


Our teams design robust and scalable solutions by choosing the right technology stack to build your app.

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